Welcome to the R2TechTalk blog.  I have been the district technology director for 23 years, having taught for 15 years before that.  My first computer was a Vic-20 with a tape drive data-sette, back in 1982.  I upgraded to a Commodore 64  a couple of years later.  I paid nearly $750 for a dot-matrix printer and I thought I was just pretty cool.  Our first school computers were Apple II’s and some clones called Franklin Ace 100’s that ran apple software.  By the late 1980’s, we had a lab at every school and students went in for 30 minutes per week with their teacher.  We added some IBM’s in the high school and the rest is history.  Now I carry an Iphone and an Ipad every where I go, as well as my mac air, my chromebook or a windows laptop. All those devices together cost less than one Apple II back in the 1980’s!   It has been a truly amazing technology journey these last 20 plus years.

We use SurgeMail for our SMTP server software, it’s easy to manage stops spam and works great!