Synergyse for Google Apps

Google announced this week that they had acquired a Canada based company called Synergyse.  They specialize in google apps training within your chrome browser.  It is an extension called “Synergyse Training for Google Apps” and is a free download in the Chrome Web Store.  I have been playing with it and while a bit basic, it is a really good concept.  If you are new to Google or still not sure about how some features work, this might be just what you need.  The extension will load and ask for permission to access your information and from that point it will load every time you are logged into Chrome.  It creates an extra icon next to your name icon in the upper right.  If you click on it, you will get a list of help topics for the app you are using.  Help topics are available in Drive, Calendar, Email, Docs, Sheets, etc.  They are generally either slide shows with audio or sometimes just audio.  Very helpful and a good tool for anyone that wants to learn something new – like how to do Google Forms.  Give it a try.


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