Calendar Within Gmail

Did you know that you can view your gmail calendar right inside your gmail window without having to open / close any additional tabs or sites.  It is done with a “google calendar” gadget.  I came across this a couple of weeks ago and have been piloting it on both my google accounts.  I certainly give it a thumbs up as something that I think is useful and a good fit.  Then I read about it in today’s Google Guru posting, so I thought I would blog about it and point you toward their “how to” video.

It is very easy to setup. Simply click on the little gear icon in the upper right of your gmail page and then down to settings.  Click on the tab labeled “labs” and search for one called google calendar.  Click “enable” and save the changes.  Then go back out to the gmail page.   At the bottom of the left hand column beneath all your folders are 3 small dots.  Click on the dots.  They represent your gadgets that are active.  You can grab the calendar at the bottom and resize it up and down.  As nearly as I can tell, it will only show events for your primary calendar but it still serves its purpose.